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Looking for a simple responsive slider for WordPress?

I’ve spent countless hours and money trying to find the right simple resposnsive slider for my WordPress website, and after so many disappoints I decided to build my own that I could have full control over and style it exactly how I wanted. I searched far and wide for free code available on the internet that could help me achieve this but nothing truly worked. So I pieced together as much as possible and filled in the gaps and that was the start of Scratch Slider. Its name comes from its parent WordPress Theme, Scratch Theme, also available to download here.

It’s no secret that Scratch Slider doesn’t have a beautiful user friendly interface, but that’s the reason why it is so lightweight, easy to configure and can be manipulated if need be. It uses the basic WordPress custom post type functionality so to create a new slide you simply add a new post under the ‘Scratch Slider’ tab. This means you can drop your slider title into the post title field and add the slider caption and link in the visual editor.  The actual slider image is inserted as the featured image of the post. Simple.

For theme integration instructions or to download the plugin visit the Scratch Slider documentation page.

James koussertari


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