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Radial Gauge

Looking for a cool way to showcase your skills on your portfolio website?

The Radial Gauge WordPress plugin does just that! You can choose what you want to go into each circular skill gauge, enter the percentage of your skill and it will generate the gauge for you. You can easily change these figures as your skills develop or swap them for completely new skills.

Within the settings page you can also choose how many gauges you want to display and whether you want the gauges to appear under all your posts.

Here is a working example of the Radial Gauge Plugin…


The Radial Gauge plugin also has widget functionality so you can drop it into any sidebar registered on your theme.

If that’s not enough you can also use the [gauge] shortcode to display them on any post or page you want as many times as you like.

Simply download the plugin files for free and upload to your plugin directory via FTP or upload the zip file right into WordPress.




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